Managed IT Network Support Services

Have you reconsidered your networking infrastructure in South Florida? Is your network infrastructure choked and reducing productivity? With the explosion of Data Storage, Cloud Computing, BYOD (bring your own device) and the security challenges that businesses face it is time to re-plan the networking infrastructure that your business uses to store data and access all the tools and software. If you are looking for cutting-edge networking set-up and support you have come to the right place. At Brower IT Solutions we offer state-of-the-art IT network support services in Florida that not only meets your current demands but keeps you ahead of the curve.

We can assist your team remotely and offer end-to-end solutions to help you enjoy the biggest of incentives that technology has on offer.

We can design and manage a network for any size with the benefit of bringing enterprise class performance to small, medium and large sized businesses in South Florida. We have experience with enterprise networks of hundreds of servers and systems, down to small networks of only a group of workstations.

We have done complete overhauls of networks for customers such as secured government sites, construction companies, manufacturing, consulting, and many others.  We can take care of the design and implementation. We work with popular vendors such as Cisco and Palo Alto Networks. We also work with your existing network, reviewing, critiquing, and managing Florida.

Wired & Wireless Solutions

Every business has its own needs and as a part of our IT networking services we offer you the best of wired and wireless solutions. Whether you wish to set up new network infrastructure or looking to revamp your existing one we are here to assist you. As a client centric business with more than two decades of experience in this trade we are committed to setting up infrastructure and offering IT network support services that offer consistent user experience and address the pain points of your business in Florida. Our experienced team would address the common networking challenges that your business faces and let you take complete control over your network.  

As a business that offers a wide range of services ranging from Networking to Storage, Backup and Disaster Recovery we have been constantly adopting new technologies and improving your infrastructure to increase performance and lower your overall costs. For cutting-edge networking solutions you won’t have to look elsewhere.  

Get us onboard and we shall partner in your growth. We have solved problems for other clients and we shall let you leverage your networking infrastructure.