Back in the 90’s when application services providers were in their fledgling stage; companies who required IT services often had to pay for full time IT support staff or fork out large quantities of money in order to secure their data and hardware. These ASP’s set the stage for companies to provide remote support to businesses for all of their IT Infrastructure needs. This was the birth of Managed IT Services and the industry has never looked back.

What is a Managed IT Service Provider

It’s an interesting question that one would think would involve as much detail and confusion as the IT industry itself. The truth is that it’s quite simple. Managed IT Service Providers are a third-party provider or contractor who delivers all of your IT solutions to your door without you ever having to worry about all of that technological jargon again. They remove the headache that comes with computers that won’t start up or networks that won’t connect and ensure that your IT safety and recovery needs are 100% covered. Typically, your Managed IT Service provider will offer a once off service, or as is the case with Brower IT Solutions, will offer a partnership in IT maintenance and services.  While there are different types of Managed IT Service Providers out there, the whole idea behind every one of them is to take the burden of maintaining your IT and transfer it to them, who are the experts at that kind of thing. This transfers the load and allows you to get back to what your business does best.

What Exactly Will They Manage

That is largely dependent on what your business requirements are and where you feel your IT needs are falling short. At Brower IT Solutions we take care of everything. From hardware to remote monitoring and management of your systems, network services, cyber-security and a host of other services. What sets us aside from the rest is our commitment to stay up to date on the latest IT industry advancements. We are always learning about new technologies so that you don’t have to. We are unique in that we not only want to assist you in your company’s IT needs, but we want to become a trusted partner that you can call on 24/7.

What are Cloud Solutions

We’re not really going to get into the technicalities of cloud computing. That is why you’re hiring us isn’t it? To break it down, Managed IT Service providers like us offer cloud storage, backup and recovery solutions. What this means for you is that your company’s data is always safe, and you never need to worry about enormous amounts of down-time while you wait, sweat and hope that none of your valuable IT information has disappeared forever.  When you choose to work with us, you are guaranteed the best storage and disaster recovery solutions so you don’t need to ever worry about where your data is and if it is accessible in a time of crisis.

What Can We Do For You

As one of the top IT Support Companies West Palm Beach Florida, Brower IT Solutions is dedicated to serving each client with a tailored approach that fits your company’s requirements and your budget. Our company has always supported clients with professional staff and 24/7 service that you can trust. As your trusted partner in IT solutions, Brower IT Solutions ensures that all of your IT infrastructure needs will be met, taking care of your networking, storage, servers, security, backup and disaster recovery, and much more.