In today’s day and age cyber security is a necessity, not just for the safety of your business’s records but for the reputation, sustainable development, and as a result, profitability of your business. In a recent study, trends showed that the cyber security market is expected to reach $181 billion by the end of 2021. With the evolution of IT technology and growth of ‘ready for use’ internet devices, the need for cyber security has also increased. Spending money on security software, antivirus and antimalware along with other solutions has become a top priority for businesses who wish to secure not only their data but their client’s data.

While IT solutions companies such as Brower IT Solutions realize the constant threat that mobile devices, computers, routers and switches present to business, oftentimes the end user is not aware of the fact that the very devices they have employed to make their business streamlined are also gateways for hackers and malicious attacks. The damage caused by a breached IT infrastructure can be absolutely devastating to businesses of any size, but for small and medium business these cyber-attacks are often crippling leaving owners with the realization that they need IT Support too late.

If you are still not convinced that your business should be thoroughly secured against cyber-attacks, we have highlighted some of the top reasons below.

Your Business Will be Secure

Touched on above and probably the most obvious reason to ensure that you adequately invest in IT Security, is to prevent your business from becoming victim to cyber-attack. With businesses becoming more and more reliant on the internet, not just for visibility but for transactions, payments, communications and browsing, the probability of cyber-attack becomes far greater. While these attacks can prove to be devastating for large businesses, oftentimes it can signal the end of the road for small and medium businesses. When appointing IT Consultants, it is important to discuss the financial loss due to business interruption. Business interruption alone could be financially debilitating without taking into account potential online theft and reputation damage.

Your Customers Deserve Protection

Your business has a moral and ethical obligation to keep your Clients and Customers information safe in the same way that your Managed IT Services Company has a responsibility to keep you up to date with the latest protection against cyber security attacks. Your clients should feel that their transactions are held with absolute confidentiality and that their name and contact details will be protected against hackers, unauthorized third parties and fraudsters. Financial losses due to being sued for the leakage of your customer or client information could sink a business, not to mention reputation loss. If you cannot offer security to your customer, they will have no reason to want to purchase from you using their credit card details etc.

The Lesser Known Search Ranking Improvement

When you shield your IT network and infrastructure from cyber-attacks, you are not only preventing a loss of data but negating downtime due to a compromised system. A cyber-attack can render your website inaccessible to not only your customers but to search engine crawlers as well. When these crawlers are unable to see your business’s website your search engine ranking drops exponentially. While a smaller attack may only render downtime of a few minutes a larger attack may leave your website down for days meaning your organic traffic is greatly reduced. During this time your customer will be searching for and using services offered by another service provider elsewhere. Cyber-attacks may also greatly impact the loading speed of your website which is critical for SEO rankings. Faster loading speeds are essential for your business running online smoothly.

Keeping Up with New Threats

You should trust a reliable Managed IT Services Provider like Brower IT Solutions to ensure the very best tools are put in place to secure your network against new threats. While IT companies are constantly looking for ways to wage war on attackers and online threats, those same hackers are vigilantly looking for new ways to obtain the information they want. Because of this, Brower IT Solutions ensures that they remain one step ahead of malicious threats to your business and ensuring your digital security. It is absolutely crucial that your security software is kept up to date by your IT Technician specialists and that your IT systems are vigilantly monitored.