Mr. Brower started a small PC building company in 1996, doing the cliché building PC’s out of his own home.

In 2001, Mr. Brower took a position with the US Department of Energy as a computer technician. From here, he quickly worked his was up to Network Engineer by 2003, and Senior Network Engineer by 2007. He was responsible for architecture and engineering solutions for US classified government data, and also non-classified, as well as commercial data from partners working with the US government.

During Mr. Brower’s time with the US Department of Energy he was a Senior/Lead IT Network Engineer, Senior/Lead IT Architect, and in his final two years of his employment there he became the lead IT Security Engineer, responsible for the security and data of the systems hosted at his location.

Mr. Brower spent nine months on a high profile site, with top secret data, and was asked to be a part of a team to overhaul the systems to bring them up to the latest government standards and highest levels of security. At the completion of this project, this site passed with the highest marks.

Mr. Brower left the US Department of Energy in 2013, deciding not to stay in government work, but do something on his own, and bring his unique skills and experience to other businesses that would benefit from this.

Mr. Brower worked as an independent consultant from 2013 until 2016. During this time he helped several businesses operate more efficiently, with lower costs, and less labor hours required. He made the IT operations of small and medium businesses more stable with less downtime, more secure, and easier to manage.

In 2016, Mr. Brower started his company, Brower IT Solutions, LLC, which enabled him to better manage relationships with his clients and take care of their continued needs over time. He felt he wanted Solutions in the name of his company because it meant something to him. The companies he would visit and work with often experienced many of the same issues, and that is they were put together piece by piece, without a larger design in mind, which often kept them from operating to their full potential. Having worked with companies from 8 employees, all the way to over 40,000 employees, Mr. Brower could see the gaps, and what these businesses were missing, and he could provide those Solutions! Mr. Brower became specialized in helping the small and medium sized businesses, because often these companies have little to no IT staff, and if they do have an IT staff, those employees’ experience is often very limited. Mr. Brower can bring enterprise and government level experience to these small and medium business with a fraction of the cost of having to hire someone with with experience.

Mr. Brower specializes in the infrastructure of IT, which includes operations and security. Please read through our areas of expertise to learn how we can help your business!

Thank you!